Monday, January 26, 2009


by Robert Indiana


Dot O said...

Cool! Where is it and what is it? However, I have to admit I'm glad there are only two sixes......

Love the color contrast. I took my pic early today - but it's still residing in my Canon!

Christina said...

The 66 sculpture, located in downtown Bartlesville, OK, is by artist Robert Indiana. His father worked for Phillips 66. Indiana is known for his LOVE sculpture, and most recently his HOPE sculpture.

Christina said...

the info that accompanies the sculpture:

Sixty-six, 2004
polychrome aluminum
Robert Indiana, whose father worked for Phillips Petroleum Company, was inspired by the colors of the old Phillips 66 gas station signs set against the Midwestern sky. Price Tower Arts Center engaged the artist to create this monumental sculpture, Sixty-six, which is derived from his personal iconography. The artist evokes that great icon of the road, the Phillips 66 logo, and the mystic of Route 66, in this sculpture through the slanted double sixes and the quotation of the old gas station colors. The influence these exerted through Indiana's career is evident in the famous tilted 'O" that makes his famous LOVE image so recognizable and effective.