Thursday, March 18, 2010

march 18

Here's a couple shots this afternoon of the Beagles (Jazzy and Flash) on their way to the boarding kennel. We got checked in and the gal at the counter said there are five other Beagles staying there, and they're all in the same kennel area. Arrooooo!!! Last week after picking up Jazzy from her stay there, she was hoarse from all the barking.


Mari said...

Jazzy looks so cute, watching out the window!

SaraG said...

Jazzy and Flash are just adorable!
Your pictures this week have been great.
You take care and have a nice weekend!!

Oz Girl said...

They are thinking "paw-tee!!" :) It's a beagles-only party, of course.

CDB said...

Awesome.. I love the first shot. Like a person!