Thursday, July 8, 2010

july 8

Jazzy Beagle's well exam
she weighs 26 pounds
courtesy nail trim ~ yay!

I scheduled her for a dental on the 19th. She chipped a tooth a while back. The doctor noticed a cyst/growth type thing on her gum line. I don't know if that's the same tooth that's chipped or some other issue. He couldn't determine since the growth was covering part of the tooth. It's possible that tooth will be extracted.

Jazzy wasn't the complete well-behaved Beagle this morning since she hates the intranasal Bordetella. They almost always do the injectable for her, so when I saw the prepared intranasal, I commented that Dr. M. must be up for a challenge today. Afterwards, he marked her chart in bold for inject only! LOL!


Linda said...

Young Dr. M, I presume?

uberrhund said...

Ooo , a free pedicure! Our Vet just called it a nail trim and Tish was always rather POed about it even when we did them at home.