Thursday, September 16, 2010

september 16

My son was leaving for work this morning and got to the main intersection at our neighborhood and his car stalled, so he called his dad for assistance. My husband called me, and I had just returned home from errands. I passed my son at the traffic light, but didn't notice that the car was disabled. So I left the house again to wait with my son till my husband arrived, but he got the car started and drove it home, so I followed him back to the house. Then my husband showed up at the intersection and we weren't there. He called me ... came home, got in my son's car, and drove it to the repair shop. I took my son to work, then met my husband at the repair shop and drove him to an appointment at his chiropractor's. That's a whole other story. !!! Waited for him there, and afterwards dropped him off at work. I'll pick my son up at work this afternoon, then drive him to his afternoon college class, and when I go pick him up, my husband should be ready to leave the office.

This is a photo of a downtown office building across the street from the chiropractor's office.

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Mari said...

What a morning! This is a pretty building though.