Sunday, January 30, 2011

january 30

6:36 p.m. Sunday evening ~ weather alert showing expected snowfall for the storm that will be moving through our area tomorrow evening. Nine to twelve inches of snow?! seriously?! ~ okay, I guess that qualifies as a 'weather event'.

Did I mention that it was eighty degrees here yesterday?!


Michelle said...

Crazy weather. But...look at the bright side, you'll have lots of photo opportunities with fresh fallen snow. Stay warm!

Mari said...

80? That's crazy!
After that storm leaves you, it's heading our way. They are predicting between 12 and 18 inches here. Yuck!

Dot O said...

It will hit us Tuesday with snow, that will change for sleet and freezing rain. There will be a bit of a lull and then Tuesday into Wednesday we will have lots more rain if the temps stay above freezing.

Who here is looking forward to spring, raise your hand!