Tuesday, February 1, 2011

february 1

Jazzy Beagle's view of the back yard

breaking records


Mari said...

Not the right kind of records to be breaking! It's hitting us now - predicting 15-18 inches with high winds! I'm not looking forward to the drive in to work in the morning.
I love the shot of Jazzy!

Dot O said...

I think Jazzy Beagle has had enough of the white stuff!! Adorable pic. Sorry you are getting pummeled out there. We are sopping icy/wet today. There is nowhere for the rain to go because there is still so much snow and ice blocking the drainage areas. Two water main breaks on our street thus far so there's lots of mud mixed in. Geesh, spring can't come soon enough.

Give Jazzy a kiss from me...

uberrhund said...

Wow, that is a lot of snow for OK !
I do not think I could/would deal well with that much snow and such chilly temps.
I felt a little guilty after pushing up the thermostat this morning (it was 36!) and then thinking about all my friends in 20s and below! Jazzy looks very stoic about it all.