Friday, February 20, 2009


My husband took today off from work, and went with me to do some errands this afternoon. I stopped at the same shopping center as yesterday where the red Ferrari was parked, and it was there again. So I decided to pull up next to the car and take a couple pics. My husband said I shouldn't be parked that close to the car taking pics of it, etc. ??? I told him he takes the fun out of my 365 photo journey!!! :) That's the reason for another photo of the red car ~ not because I like it so much, but because of the conversation.


Dot O said...

Oh, well I picked the kids up from band practice today and as we pulled on to our street, I decided to stop and snap my day's photo of the straight away of our street. The kids told me that other people will "think you are a child predator" because of it. I just wanted my day's picture for goodness sakes! There wasn't a child in site by the way.. except the two in my car.

I didn't realize that taking a picture could conjure up such illegal possibilities!

Cool photo, by the way!

Mari said...

My hubby thinks I take pictures I shouldn't too. Once we were in church and I took a mint out of my purse. He gave me a funny look, then said "I thought you were going to take a picture in here!"
Anyway - I'm glad you took a picture of the Ferrari - what a neat car!

Sara G said...

Great photo. Nice nice car.