Monday, March 30, 2009


Lutron dimmer switches for our lighting throughout the house provides a nice range of lighting for a room, and doesn't have to be blaring bright!


Mari said...

I like your light - it looks a lot like mine!

Dot O said...

That's a pretty fixture, Christina. Nice capture.

We had a dimmer switch on the dining room light but when we put in a ceiling fan fixture, every time we put the fan on, it made this annoying buzzing sound. Dan removed the dimmer last fall and everything is nice and quiet. I did like the option of dimming, though.

Sara G said...

Very pretty light fixture. We have a dimmer in the dining room (which we rarely even use the dining room) and on the new ceiling fan we put in the kitchen a couple years ago. They are so cool.
We need to install one in the living room ceiling fan too!!
Great great photo.